Comic Merchandise Package

Dear Valued Comic,


We have built a Comic specific version of our Passive E-Commerce system...


Before you read any further, here is the Elevator Pitch: We will create, host, and manage your store (placed directly into your website) for $35/month. You can have an unlimited amount of products for sale, you don't pay for any of the products, and you don't have to carry, buy, or store any inventory. Your fans actually "advance" all of the expenses of your merchandise.

Have an album or DVD that you want to sell? That type of product can be sold through my system as well.

Sounds pretty good right?

Keep reading.


    Here are the specifics... Upfire Digital's Passive E-Commerce is a system that we have designed to automate the entire merchandise process including: development, creation, shipping, and accounting.

    Here is how it works:

      1. We build your merchandise collection.
      2. We code your merchandise right into your website.
      3. We maintain your shop. Including updating products, all accounting, handling taxation, creating invoices, shipping the products. Everything really.
        1. The Customer pays for the creation of the merchandise. No more $3,000 upfront payment for 300 T-Shirts.
        2. You keep 100% of the profit!
        3. You pay us just $35/month

       (Note: Your customer never even leaves your website.)



      What if I don't have any Merchandise to sell?

      We will design and create it for you. We have a Graphic Design department to handle that.

      I sell all my Merch on the road...

      Great! Why not also sell your merchandise on your website? You won't have to carry as much merchandise on you as you travel across the country slingin' jokes. We also have gift cards/discount code availability that you can hand out to your fans. Remember, any traffic that goes to your website builds upon your personal brand.

       I don't have $35...

      First of all, stop reading this right now, and go make some dang money.

      Ok, welcome back... Secondly, the stores that we are currently running are paying their $50/month subscription payment via their profits. (They have asked us to take $50 out of their monthly profit pay-out.)

      Let's break it down with an example: Most stores profit $10-$11/t-shirt while using my system. If you sell 3 t-shirts in a month, you have covered your cost. Everything after that is pure profit straight to your pocket. And it's all advertisement.

      Can you sell my album/DVD on my website?

      Absolutely. Included in the cost of the store, we will sell any product that you have available. Shipping will work a little differently, but we will work directly with you in that process if you are interested in doing so. It will be very easy.

      ...What's in it for you?

      Your payment covers our overhead. We want to produce and maintain 30 stores, so that we are able to prove to bigger companies that our system will work for them. We estimate that we will be charging them around $500-$1000 for this same service. You Comics are one of our vital partners to help prove that our system works, and one of our keys to establishing our business successfully.

      How do I pay/get paid?

      You have a few options to pay:

      • You can set up an automatic payment through my invoicing system
      • You can manually pay through my invoicing system
      • You can use your stores profits to pay for your cost
      • You can use a mixture of automatic and profit payments
      • We can set-up monthly or bi-monthly payments

      You have a few options to get paid:

      • We can pay you via Paypal
      • We can pay you via Venmo/Square Cash
      • We can deposit your profit into your bank account
      • We can set-up monthly or bi-monthly payments

      We will have a legal-contract. We will renew this contract on a 6-month basis. You will receive 100% of the profits of your merchandise. You will receive detailed audits of your sales. I have embedded several examples of products from stores that we manage below.


      Thank you for reading this far, and please feel free to check out the rest of our website. We offer Website Design/Redesign, Website Maintenance, Advanced SEO Packages, and Graphic Design work - in addition to this Passive E-Commerce package.


      Please email if you have any further questions or want to discuss how to get started! 


      Best Wishes,

      Eric Foster



       Several Examples of pre-existing Merchandise: