Podcast Producer

Here are some of the details for the available Podcast Producer position with Upfire Digital LLC.
    • Setup studio including all audio/video equipment, computer, recording software, etc.
    • Record, Edit, and Publish podcasts episodes.
    • Live Mix the show including inputs from Microphones, PC, and Phone Calls.
    • Record episode notes and publish descriptions.
    • Post episodes to Parent Network websites using their CMS, websites are typically Wordpress.
    • Manage the overall quality of each performance; including but not limited to keeping the show "on-track."
    • Maintain Studio cleanliness and overall appearance standards.
    • $30 per episode (roughly 1.25 hours work per episode) (Breakdown: $25/episode + Travel/Parking)
    • Professional Podcast Training (1-3 months depending on previous experience)
    • Build your professional entertainment production portfolio in multiple industries. Working with professionals in Comedy, Sports, Business, etc.
    • Build your professional network. We have a rare opportunity to produce content for and work with The Zone Coverage Sports Network, Professional Comedians, etc.
You would be contracted as a sub-contractor for this position. Please view our Professional Podcast services page for the client-facing perspective on this role.