Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

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Using our Website Maintenance package is the best place to start with our SEO practices, but if you are fully committed to attracting new customers to your business; you want our Advanced SEO package.

Our Advanced SEO Package consists of the following:

  • Site Indexing and Accessibility Audits
    • We will run weekly tests on your website to ensure that it is always Index optimized so that WebCrawlers know exactly what your company does.
    • Using heat maps we will see where customers are clicking (and more importantly where they aren't clicking) in order to optimize your site's performance.
  • Site Speed
    • We will run weekly audits on your website to ensure that is it always speed optimized so that WebCrawlers give you over 90% speed performance scores.
  • Advanced Data and Keyword Research
    • We will run an in-depth investigation to find where your company can beat the competition on the web. This will include a full three-month digital marketing plan.
    • We will use Keyword metric tools to ensure that all of the language that we use to advertise your company are the optimal pathways to getting more customers to your website, and keep them there when they get there.

Our goal with our Advanced SEO Package is that your company becomes an authority in your industry on the web.